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From cosmetic damage to a big hole....


Your boat can easily be damaged, whether during launch and recovery, hitting an obstruction or simply general wear and tear.


If it's not repaired quickly and professionally further damage can be done through water ingress and exposure to the elements.

Mid Norfolk Boats can make your pride and joy water tight again and repair any damage back to an original finish condition.

Salvage and Recovery

If the worst has happened......

In the very unfortunate circumstance where you've broken down on the water or run aground we can recover your boat to a safe place. Even if your boat has become submerged we can provide re-flotation assistance.


Keep your boat in tip top condition....

We all know the saying "worse things happen at sea".  At Mid Norfolk Boats we believe this doesn't have to be the case!   


Prevention is the key, and this can be achieved through regular routine maintenance.  


We can help keep your boat on the water, running smoothly so you can enjoy the good times.

We can work on your boat where it suits you....

Depending on the circumstances we can either work on your boat at your home or moorings, or at our workshop.  We can even collect and return your boat including recovery and re-launch if required.

We don't even mind getting a bit muddy!

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