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Our story so far....

The owners of the business, Mark and Rachael have been repairing boats together for over 20 years.

It all started when a tree fell on their speedboat during a storm!  This caused considerable damage, including a broken windscreen, smashed seats and instruments and more worryingly - a massive hole in the hull.  As you can imagine they were devastated, as the cost to have it professionally repaired was simply too much.

At the time, Mark was working as a Marine Engineer for a commercial diving company in Great Yarmouth so the mechanical and electrical repairs were no problem for him.  And despite having no previous experience of repairing GRP, after a bit of research (and calling in a few favours) they  undertook the hull repair themselves.

The result was fantastic and their pride and joy was back on the water in no time looking better than ever.  Following this they undertook a few similar repair jobs for friends and family, and then they really got the bug for it.   Over the next few years they purchased a number of "project boats" from a well known online auction site and renovated them back to their former glory.  These included RIBs, Cabin Cruisers, Sports Boats and Tenders. 


One of their current projects (ongoing) is a 6.5 mtr RIB.  This used to be the Folkestone inshore lifeboat until it got vandalised.  The engine was stolen, the helm was smashed and the sponsons were cut in several places with a knife.  There's also a substantial section of the hull missing.  Mark and Rachael are hoping to have this awesome boat fully restorted and back on the water next year.

This Norman cruiser pictured had previously hit an obstruction, ruptured its hull and sunk in 6 mtrs of water.  Mark and Rachael recovered the boat after it had been underwater for over 12 months and completely refurbished it.  This included a complete interior and exterior refit, substantial hull repairs, a new solid roof and canvas covers, outboard mounting/bathing platform and complete repaint.   

Fortunately Mark has lots of previous experience working on RIBs.  During his time as a marine engineer he was involved with modifying boats for surface supplied air diving.

Mark has also worked as part of a surface support team helping to perform prop and thruster clearances and other routine repairs and maintenance of commercial ships.

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